Much to our dismay, our home became a much less organized version of it's former self.... How did this happen??? Well, lets rewind about 2/12 to 3 years.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Well the new year seems to be off to a good start. I'm " researching" blogs like crazy trying to figure out what I like and don't like. Researching....that's good word, by hubby probably thinks I'm wasting whatever free time do have.. gazing at beautiful homes, images, or whatever on all these sites... worse yet..I tell him all about what so so is doing or saying....He's REALLY IMPRESSED with my efforts so far. But it really has been helpful. Some people have a wonderful funny way of sharing what's going on in their just want to read more. Plus I've been really inspired to get some long overdo projects ...going and maybe someday...dare I dream...FINISHED!!! Some have helped me focus on a style for our home ( it will definitely be cheap... and probably thrifted). The trick will be to make that chic. I'd like to give the blog page more personality too...maybe I have to upgrade or something...I know I do for some other things as well. I love taking pics, so I'll be sharing a lot of that here as well....need to upgrade there as well ( camera lenses and software for editing...have to save more than a few pennies for that...but I do have a birthday coming you never know. I think I have to edit some pics together, so I can post a little more on my life, interests, and just daily or more likely weekly musings. Stay Tuned. I might make this into something...

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year...remembering the past, embracing the furure

New Year. New attempt at blogging. I've been down this road before. I love blogs...follow quite a few and I'm always impressed at how well people put them together. Great photos, interesting details of their daily lives. They have mastered the art of making the everyday...SPECIAL!! So I start my blog with a few simple posts, promising myself, it'll get better as I go along... but something always seems to be missing... that little something extra. If I was a celebrity, we'd call it the X factor. So that's what I have to figure out. How to create a blog that has the look and feel I want. I realize, I'm having the same struggle in my home. I've always considered myself a creative person, I love DIY, I love home dec and photography. I have a handy hubby who can take most of my ideas...and help me make them a reality. We run our own business, and I have tons of creative ideas streaming through my brain all the time. But somehow, things just seem a bit of a mashup I'm a bit adrift. Perhaps my style is changing a bit and I'm having trouble letting of ( or figuring out what to let go of). Holding on to the past and reaching for the future.