Much to our dismay, our home became a much less organized version of it's former self.... How did this happen??? Well, lets rewind about 2/12 to 3 years.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year...remembering the past, embracing the furure

New Year. New attempt at blogging. I've been down this road before. I love blogs...follow quite a few and I'm always impressed at how well people put them together. Great photos, interesting details of their daily lives. They have mastered the art of making the everyday...SPECIAL!! So I start my blog with a few simple posts, promising myself, it'll get better as I go along... but something always seems to be missing... that little something extra. If I was a celebrity, we'd call it the X factor. So that's what I have to figure out. How to create a blog that has the look and feel I want. I realize, I'm having the same struggle in my home. I've always considered myself a creative person, I love DIY, I love home dec and photography. I have a handy hubby who can take most of my ideas...and help me make them a reality. We run our own business, and I have tons of creative ideas streaming through my brain all the time. But somehow, things just seem a bit of a mashup I'm a bit adrift. Perhaps my style is changing a bit and I'm having trouble letting of ( or figuring out what to let go of). Holding on to the past and reaching for the future.

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It's All Connected said...

You have to keep writing now because I'm a member. How exciting! I was terrified to hit send on my first post and my finger hovered over the button for ages. I have no trouble designing homes for my clients but wallow in indecision on my own. Isn't that strange? ~ Maureen