Much to our dismay, our home became a much less organized version of it's former self.... How did this happen??? Well, lets rewind about 2/12 to 3 years.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I don't know about you guys but I take a lot of pics... I love photography!! I think I've even taken a few really good photos in my time. The funny thing is I don't know a lot about the finer points of photography. I don't know exactly what makes a photo good. Anyone else ever wonder this. I have a decent camera but I do need some lenses other than the kit one that came with the camera. I like taking landscape...mostly beach as we spend a lot of time there in the summer , even like it in the winter. Light and clouds make such a difference at the beach but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating.. when you can't get close enough to something and I don't have one of those beautiful telephoto lenses. I love taking pics of my boys ( that would include hubby, 2 sons is 8 and the other 2, our doggy Oscar ... aka Oscar Wild and Dr. Oscar). I also like taking pictures of little vinettes I set up ( you know when you have 1 little area of your house that looks really good.. so you focus all your pics in that one area.. so people like assume the rest looks just as good).. I also really like to do macro ...really close up photos. Now I'm limited in this because I don't have the proper lenses but even so I have gotten some really good closeups ( in my not so expert option..) So in an honest effort to try to understand photography better, I've been checking out some photography sights ( found some really good ones and looking at a lot of other people's pics. I'm experimenting with manual settings ( first few attempts at that were pretty bad) and trying decide what my photography style is ( pretty sure I don't have one ( A bit like answering the question... what body type are you??? NO CLUE!!! Next area of confusion... EDITING!! Seriously ... I sometimes save a 1/2 dozen edits on one picture. I like a lot of things but not sure how much would really be improvements to photos. Do you ever just wish you could dump all your pics on some professional photographer and say here.. tell me what's right, what's wrong, what's any good.. and what no amount of editing can save.... and WHY... and Thanks. Guess that's not going to happen... so on I go trying understand or improve. I included a few photos from this month that I like. I guess at the end of the day... a cute pic of your child is really all most of us are trying to get anyway.